OEM Portal Watching and Monitoring

Areas of Practice


Chrysler PC portal 2

Struggling to maintain coverage every two hours for Chrysler's portal monitoring windows? Our services can provide a solution to the time needed to monitor and answer tickets on Chrysler's PC Portal 2. Packages can be tailored for customer needs, ranging from full monitoring/answering service to basic weekend monitoring. 

Chrysler ticket analysis

Does you location have issues with a few specific parts or even times of the year? The analysis services that we can provide will gather data based on all tickets created for your supplier code and break it down to find patterns.  This data can be useful for monitoring trends from Chrysler, and may assist in fighting increases to demand.

Chrysler pilot portal watch

Let us help monitor when pilot builds are due in Chrysler's Portal.  Don't let pilot builds sneak up on you, let us help you monitor for opportunities to communicate ship dates through pilot section in the Chrysler Portal.

OEM Holiday calendar

Holidays can be a tough time to schedule if you do not know when OEMs are planning to take time off.  Our service can help to gather and consolidate the information for you into one location for your reference. Name the OEM, and we will track and communicate the scheduled down time.